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Animal Shelter Construction Project

From rotting tent platforms to dog parks - NOW IN USE!

From derelict toilets and showers to animal shelter - UNDERWAY!

floor plan of proposed shelter, showing Phase I as a semi-detached building in front of the larger Phase II building.
Click on the above image for a larger version.

To create a convenient, safe, comfortable place for Petersburg's pets, PHA is using the site of the town's old Tent City and reusing the salvageable material from the site.

Located in a sunny muskeg near the airport, the site offers an ideal spot for a public dog park and the PHA shelter. The foundation of the original building, including the old shower and bathroom structures, will form the base of the new shelter.

Fundraising for the shelter has been underway for several years, with a push last summer to raise money for the first phase, to be in place this spring. The purchase of over 50 commemorative bricks brought in enough money to purchase a small self-contained structure which will house our homeless cats now and become the animal intake area with the completion of Phase II sometime in the future. .

We have enough money to buy the building, ship it to Petersburg, and move it to the site. But, we need another $25,000 to:

  • put in a pad for it to sit on permanently,
  • hook it up to water, sewer and electricity,
  • build partitions inside the building to separate animals as necessary,
  • build outside play areas,
  • and put in access to the outside areas.

You can help by:

  • making a donation to PHA's building fund (send a check to Petersburg Humane Association at Box 1417, Petersburg, AK 99833),
  • buying a commemorative brick (go to and place your order, paying by check, credit card or PayPal),
  • or donating time or materials (contact any board member)

as we work to make a pleasant place for our homeless animals to live while they wait for permanent homes.

Updated February 26, 2015